These 11 Towns In Pennsylvania Are The Snobbiest

Do you ever get the feeling that people are looking down on you? Well, it might be in your head. It’s undeniable, though, that certain areas have more snobby residents than others. We set out to find out which towns in Pennsylvania are the snobbiest.

To do this, we gathered three different rankings:

  1. Per capita income, because you usually associate snobbiness with affluence.
  2. Percent of residents who hold a master’s degree or higher because being highly educated is oftentimes a marker of the elite. The first and second rankings we compiled using info from City-Data.
  3. We looked at some businesses present in or near each town: namely, country clubs, golf clubs, and art galleries because each of these institutions gives off an exclusive impression. We also gathered data on yoga studios per capita to use as a tie-breaker. This info we compiled by looking at the businesses listed on Google.

After compiling these separate rankings, we weighed each equally and averaged the results. These are the towns that we discovered to be the snobbiest in all of Pennsylvania:

Interesting list… Some of the runners-up were West Conshohocken, Spring Ridge, and Bell Acres. What do you make of this list? Are you mad?! Share your thoughts in the comments below.