Here Are 10 Sinkholes In Pennsylvania That Will Make You Terrified Of Earth

The worst disasters are those that spring up from nowhere. At least when you expect that a certain bad thing might happen, you can mentally and well, actually, prepare yourself. Something that most people aren’t prepared for emotionally or financially is for the ground to open up beneath them and swallow their car or their house. That’s usually a surprise. A bad one.

Here are ten examples of crazy sinkholes that opened up in the state of Pennsylvania. Hopefully you’ve been lucky enough to never experience anything like these.

1. This lady just wanted to get a nice tan, when the parking lot said… NOPE.

2. Centralia is famous for the fire that has been burning beneath the ground for decades, but some people might not realize the danger of sinkholes in the area as a result. Here is a short explanation of why you should watch out.

3. A gigantic sinkhole formed in West Hempfield two summers ago. It was giant! Can you ever imagine that?

4. This poor woman left her house and found that her driveway had been devoured by a sinkhole. What a bad morning.

5. An entire pickup truck fell prey to this monster!

6. This sinkhole swallowed not one truck, but two, leaving to the evacuation of ten homes.

7. Wow. Can you imagine being the driver of this PPL utility truck?

8. This terrifying sinkhole formed inside a building.

9. Cities seem like they would be relatively safe from sinkholes, but that just isn’t the case. A truck got stuck inside this sinkhole that formed suddenly in Philadelphia.

10. Wow. Here’s another shot of the first sinkhole we showed you. You can see that it expanded and turned practically into a lake.

Have you ever fallen victim to an unexpected sinkhole? Share your story below.