This Is The Single Craziest Thing You Never Knew Happened In Pennsylvania

If you watch the show American Horror Story, you may be familiar with the character who was inspired by Grady Stiles, a Pittsburgh native commonly known on stage and in the media as “Lobster Boy.” Born in 1937, he toured and terrorized and left a legacy that is remembered to this day.

Stiles suffered from a condition known as Ectrodactyly, or cleft hand; he was born with his fingers fused together, causing his hands to resemble claws. The condition usually affects the feet also; in Stiles’ case, the condition was so severe that he was unable to walk. Instead, he developed fantastic upper-body strength to move around.

Stiles’ wife, Mary, said that she doesn’t regret her part in killing her husband; she firmly believes that she saved the lives of herself and her children.

To this day, Stiles’ descendants are afflicted with ectrodactyly, and some of them are famous performers and actresses; though all of them are more well-liked in their communities than Grady Stiles was in his.

Interesting. Have you heard this story before?