18 Undeniable Reasons Why Pennsylvania Will Always Be Home

Dorothy certainly had it right when she said there’s no place like home. Some have called Pennsylvania home all of their lives. Others have moved here from various corners of the country or even the world. Still others grew up in Pennsylvania, left, and later returned. Whatever reason you live in Pennsylvania, you’re lucky to be in such an amazing state that is filled with so many natural and man-made wonders, incredibly talented and kind people, and so much to do that we should never really get bored. Here are 18 undeniable reasons Pennsylvania will always be home:

Pennsylvania’s a pretty amazing place, wouldn’t you agree? Of course, these are only 18 undeniable reasons Pennsylvania will always be home. Surely, we could write a book or two about all of the things that make Pennsylvania so special. In fact, our state is so special that we wrote an article with 11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Marry A Pennsylvanian!

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