These 10 Haunted Houses In Pennsylvania Will Terrify You In The Best Way

Whether or not you believe that ghosts exist, the concept of a haunting is fascinating to think about. History comes alive before your eyes, or at least you might imagine this to be so. The naturally interesting past of a place mingles and mixes with urban legends and rumors and before you know it— presto. You’ve got a fabulous ghost story on your hands. Here are some of the spookiest, quirkiest, and most famous haunted houses in Pennsylvania.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

9. This Dunmore home which, according to its owners, is only “slightly haunted.”

Perhaps you remember seeing it in the news a few years ago. This couple put their home up for sale after having a few experiences that were just eerie enough to give them cause for concern, but not scary enough to send them running for the hills. They put the beautiful Victorian house on the market with the warning that it was “slightly haunted.” A previous owner of the home visited and filled them in on a chilling piece of the home’s history; they found a human skull lodged into its foundation.

10. This home in Hanover, where a ghost attacked a photojournalist.

Whether you believe in the spooky or not, this story will challenge your skepticism. In July 2014, Fox 43 photojournalist Nick Petrillo visited a house whose residents complained of numerous ghosts and demonic activity. He left the house with physical marks upon his body from the alleged haunting, and a story to last him a lifetime.

Know of any other haunted houses? Share your stories below. And remember, many of these houses are located on private property whose living residents are not amenable to uninvited guests!