It seems ghost stories aren’t just for around the campfire anymore. DeAnna Simpson and her husband, Tom, live in their own personal haunted house every day in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Last July, Fox 43 reporters visited the house to investigate the residents’ reports and what the news team experienced there was shocking.

Photojournalist Nick Petrillo didn’t just witness spooky activity here… He left with its marks on his physical body. He felt a burning sensation on his wrist upon entering the house, and then found a large, red scratch on his arm. DeAnna assured him that this was something that visitors to the house experienced regularly.

The news team toured the residence and found even more scary evidence of the haunting waiting for them there. DeAnna claims that the house is home to multiple ghosts and a demon… And after watching the footage below, you might not doubt her.

Would you spend a night in this house? Have you ever experienced something spooky like this? Share your stories in the comments below.

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