Here Are The 10 Fastest Growing Towns In Pennsylvania

Have you ever wondered which towns in Pennsylvania are growing the most quickly? It may seem like people flock to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but it’s small towns that see the most growth percentage-wise. Some of the places on this list you might have never visited before, or even heard of… But you’ll be amazed to see how their populations have exploded in the past 15 years.

We looked at Sperling’s List Builder to find out which towns in Pennsylvania have seen the greatest population growth since 2000. Remember, these are percentages, not flat rates of new residents. Below each town, we’ve included its percent growth, its current population, its population in 2000, and population density.

Here are some stats to use as points of comparison:

U.S. Average Population Growth Since 2000: 8.46%

Pennsylvania Average Population Growth Since 2000: 0.0349%

What do you make of these rankings? Did your town make the list? Did any of these surprise you? Share your thoughts below.