These 6 Conspiracy Theories In Pennsylvania Will Make You Question Everything

Conspiracy theories, whether or not you place any belief in them, are undoubtedly an entertaining way to question what you’re normally led to believe. Everyone knows of some common theories, but you may be less familiar with the conspiracy theories that are local to Pennsylvania. Here are six of the most prevalent.

6. The Kecksburg UFO was seized by the government because it was a real spacecraft.

On December 6, 1965, residents of at least six US states reported seeing a fireball streak across the night sky before inhabitants of Kecksburg witnessed the object crash into the nearby forest. Soon after the object’s landing, the US military arrived and seized the object, which was about the size of a small car and in the shape of an acorn. To learn more, watch the above video.

What other crazy or intriguing conspiracy theories are you aware of in the state of Pennsylvania? Share in the comments below!