Take A Walk Through The Most Incredible Abandoned Building In Pennsylvania Before It Was Demolished

The Elks are one of the oldest social clubs in the country, founded in 1868. One of the earlier lodges for its members was built in 1916 in New Castle, Pennsylvania and stood for almost 100 years.

Abandoned America photographer Matthew Christopher got these incredible shots of the interior of New Castle Elks Lodge in 2011, less than a month before the building was demolished. Though he came across the site accidentally, it’s almost as if fate drove him to capture the building’s glory before its destruction.

As with much of his work photographing abandoned structures, Matthew Christopher writes on his website that the most challenging parts of this shoot were unstable floors (his foot even went through the floor a few times!) and worrying about running into hostile squatters.

After you enjoy his photographs of New Castle Elks Lodge, you can see more of Matthew Christopher’s work on his website, Abandoned America or on his Facebook. He travels all over the country (especially the Northeast) and captures amazing photographic series of locations like the one below. He also has a book, Abandoned America: The Age of Consequences, which is available through most major booksellers.

Wow! These photographs are amazing. Thanks to Matthew Christopher for sharing his beautiful work. Check out his website, Abandoned AmericaFacebook, or his book, Abandoned America: The Age of Consequences, for more.

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