Pennsylvania ‘s Abandoned Turnpike Is An Eerily Awesome Relic

Most people in Pennsylvania are familiar with the turnpike, the 360-mile long highway that can take you from New Jersey to Ohio and back again. You may have driven through its four tunnels that dot the Appalachian Mountains… but did you know that the turnpike used to contain seven tunnels?

In 1968, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission sat down over coffee and donuts to figure out how to improve traffic flow through the tunnels, all of which were at that time single lane tunnels. The solution? To expand four of them into double lane tunnels, and to bypass the other three altogether. Thus, the abandoned turnpike was born.

Check out this video below for some more breathtaking footage of the abandoned highway.

As you can see on this map, the Turnpike (green) was rerouted to run parallel to the Abandoned Turnpike (red). Most people who drive on this highway don’t even know what’s right next to them!

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