The Kountry Korner Drive-In In Pennsylvania Is A No-Fuss Hideaway With The Best Desserts

A really good restaurant doesn’t need bells and whistles. All it needs is happy customers who eagerly spread the word about the gem they’ve discovered. A cozy roadside restaurant, the Kountry Korner Drive-In in Pennsylvania is a no-fuss hideaway with some of the best food – and to-die-for desserts – around.

Have you been to the Kountry Korner Drive-In in Pennsylvania? Did you have a dessert? Share your experience in the comments!  If you’re a fan of classic Mexican food, you’ll definitely want to try Lucky’s Mexican Food, tucked in an unassuming gas station in Erie.

Address: Kountry Korner Drive-In, 610 PA-897, Reinholds, PA 17569, USA