This Unforgettable Santa Train In Pennsylvania Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Part of the allure of the holiday season is the opportunity to feel like a kid again. With a child-like sense of wonder, we welcome the festivities that wintertime brings with it here in Pennsylvania. If you’re looking for an adventure that promises to instill you with this very magic, you’ll want to book your seats on Santa’s Steam Spectacular. Operated by New Hope & Ivyland Railroad, this one-of-a-kind steam train is an annual excursion featuring Santa Claus himself. It’s the perfect family outing that may just become your favorite new annual tradition.

Watch the brief video below to see Santa’s Steam Spectacular in action:

The New Hope & Ivyland Railroad Station is located at 32 West Bridge Street, New Hope, PA 18938. For more information about Santa’s Steam Spectacular, as well as the other seasonal ride known as the North Pole Express, be sure to visit the website or follow along on Facebook.