There’s A Neon Museum In Pennsylvania And It’s Full Of Fascinating Artifacts

Not so long ago, neon played a huge role in American life. It was just about everywhere we looked – from the signs on storefronts to illuminating old-fashioned clocks. A visit to the Neon Museum in Philadelphia, a one-of-a-kind Pennsylvania museum, takes guests through a time warp, providing a glimpse at the rich history of America’s neon signage, a unique art form that dotted the country’s roads during the 20th century. 

Have you been to the Neon Museum of Philadelphia? Share your experience in the comments! Did you know that Philadelphia’s the home to the world’s first pizza museum? If you love pizza and memorabilia, visit Pizza Brain for a bite to eat after a trip to the Neon Museum.

Address: The Neon Museum of Philadelphia, 1800 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19122, USA