This Abandoned Pennsylvania Asylum Is Thought To Be One Of The Most Haunted Places On Earth

Most people fall into one of two categories: you either believe in the paranormal, or you don’t. There’s usually no gray area. However, even if you are adamant there’s no such thing as hauntings, you might find that resolve tested when you visit this abandoned Pennsylvania asylum. It’s one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania.

For a bird’s eye view of one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania, watch the drone footage below. It shows just how large the Pennhurst Asylum campus is and how eerie it has become. The footage was posted on YouTube by Matthew Padden.

If you’ve been looking for an abandoned asylum near me, you’ve just hit paydirt. Have you been to this abandoned Pennsylvania asylum? We’d love to hear your experiences in the comments! Fascinated by the paranormal? Hit the highway on this haunted road trip to the scariest places in Pennsylvania.

Be sure you bring a camera along, too, and you might just capture something otherworldly.

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