Lace Up Your Hiking Boots For An Epic Hike Along The Longest Hiking Trail In Pennsylvania

Hiking just might be the best way to get outdoors and to explore all that Pennsylvania has to offer – from jaw-dropping natural landscapes to wildlife. One of the top trails in the state is, arguably, the Mid State Trail, an epic trail that also holds the distinction of being the longest hiking trail in Pennsylvania. The trail is divided into four regions, making it a bucket-worthy hike.

What’s your favorite hiking trail in Pennsylvania? Join the conversation in the comments! The Mid State Trail earned props as Pennsylvania’s Trail of the Year in 2019. That title goes to The Ghost Town Trail for 2020

Address: Mid State Trail, Southampton Township, PA 15535, USA
Address: Centre Hall, PA 16828, USA
Address: Mid State Trail, Milroy, PA 17063, USA
Address: State Rte 287, Wellsboro, PA 16901, USA
Address: Mid-State Trail, Tioga, PA 16946, USA