The Oldest Wooden Roller Coaster In America Is Right Here In Pennsylvania And It’s Amazing

Okay, all you daredevils out there! Also looking at all of you with a bucket list. And everyone else, too. Here’s another unique adventure to add to your to do list: Ride the oldest wooden roller coaster in the world. Not Pennsylvania. Not America. The world. And, luckily for us Pennsylvanians, it’s right here in good ol’ PA. (Be forewarned, however. You will have to wait to ride it until next summer season as the park where it’s housed is undergoing renovations in 2018.)

Will you head to Lakemont Park, home to the oldest wooden roller coaster in the world, when it re-opens in 2019? Or, do you already have fond memories of Leap-the-Dips? Share in the comments below! And, while you’re waiting for the return of Leap-the-Dips, click here to read about nine other spectacular amusement parks in PA.