Here Are The 15 Dishes You Have To Eat In Pennsylvania Before You Die

Pennsylvania foods are highly influenced by Dutch and German traditions, making local cuisine truly unique when compared with other U.S. states. Here are 15 iconic dishes in Pennsylvania that are a must try; that’s right, a Pennsylvania foods bucket list! You may think you’ve had them all, but have you?

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Which of these iconic dishes in Pennsylvania have you tried? If you’ve eaten 15 out of 15, your work here is done. If there were a few on the list you haven’t had the pleasure of trying, what are you waiting for?! Have at least a bite, and keep a big cup of Turkey Hill Iced Tea on standby to wash it all down.

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Iconic Dishes In Pennsylvania

March 22, 2021

What are some Pennsylvania foods every Pennsylvania has tried at least once?

Pennsylvanians are all about food and for good reason. We live in the Snack Food Capital of the United States, and some of the best foods originated right here in PA. Can you think of a more delicious meal, for example, than a classic chipped (chopped) ham sandwich, with ingredients made from Isaly’s? Pair it with some Herr’s potato chips for the perfect meal. If you’re in a real hurry, how about ordering your meal with the fries on top? Yep, fries on sandwiches have been a favorite since Primanti Brothers introduced them early in the 20th century. Don’t forget the Pittsburgh salad, too, which comes topped with – you guessed it – fries.

What are the classic dishes every Pennsylvanian loves?

If you’re looking for classic cuisine in Pennsylvania, you usually don’t have to look very far. Most restaurants dish up all of the favorites. One of the most popular Pennsylvania foods, which got its start in Philly, is the Philadelphia Cheesesteak sandwich. You can find a Philly cheesesteak just about anywhere in PA, but for the best you’ve got to go to its birthplace. Speaking of sandwiches, who among us hasn’t craved a classic hoagie every now and then? Pierogis, haluski, and chipped ham sandwiches are just a few classics, each of which goes oh-so-well with a Birch Beer, another Pennsylvania original.

Where can I find the best iconic restaurants in Pennsylvania?

One of the most iconic restaurants in Pennsylvania has been serving its famous barbecue since 1926. Stockey’s Famous Barbecue in West Nanticoke dishes up such popular dishes as smoked pork ribs and smoked chicken. You can even dig into a hearty helping on homemade chili. The oldest restaurant in Pennsylvania, McGillin’s Old Ale House in Philadelphia, is also a must visit. It opened way back in 1860 and has served famous figures including Tennessee Williams and Ethel Merman. Dig into such popular dishes as shepherd’s pie or the classic Philadelphia cheesesteak, both of which pair perfectly with a cold brew.

Address: Pennsylvania, USA