Glistening snow, covering rooftops and trees, turns Pennsylvania into a wonderland each winter. Snow means sled riding, making snowmen, and watching the snow tumble from inside your cozy home with a cup of hot chocolate. Winter can be a magical time. But, unfortunately, there are some dangerous places to avoid in Pennsylvania during the winter season. Lucky for you, we’ve scoured the state for the most dangerous places in Pennsylvania, so you can kick back and safely enjoy the season.

So, do you agree? Are these the most dangerous places in Pennsylvania? What are some other dangerous places to avoid in Pennsylvania?

How do you prepare for a Pennsylvania winter? Share your thoughts and strategies with us! Then click here to discover the 10 things you should add to your winter bucket list.

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Most Dangerous Places In Pennsylvania

What are the most dangerous hikes in Pennsylvania?

There are tons of great hikes in Pennsylvania. There are a few dangerous ones, too. Of all the treks in the state, though, Twin Falls Trail is definitely one of the most dangerous hikes in Pennsylvania. The 7.6-mile trail is filled with its fair share of hazards. For starters, it’s not well maintained, which makes it a bit difficult to follow. Plus, there’s no cell service, so if you do get lost, you can’t call anyone for assistance. An abundance of streams is another hazard hikers face on the trail. Along the trek, there are several streams to cross, most of which can get high, especially after a rain, making crossing difficult.

What are the most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania?

Just like any other state, Pennsylvania has its fair share of dangerous cities. One of the most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania is also the state’s oldest. We’re talking about Chester, which is located in the greater Philadelphia area. According to the website Road Snacks, in 2021, the city had the 2nd highest rate of burglaries in the entire state, with roughly one taking place every day of the year. The city also had the 2nd highest rate of murders per capita statewide. These stats are shocking on their own, but even more so when you consider Chester’s size. On the smaller size, it has about 34,000 residents.

Are there any other dangerous places to avoid in Pennsylvania?

When it comes to dangerous places to avoid in Pennsylvania, the Knights Road and Street Road intersection definitely fits the bill. Located outside of Philadelphia in Bucks County, the intersection has been billed “one of the most dangerous in the nation.” The road’s perilous reputation is contributed to several factors, starting with its unconventional shape. Poor lighting and confusing traffic stops are also among the hazards drivers face when travelling through the treacherous intersection. The unsafe conditions paired with aggressive drivers and unexpected jaywalkers result in countless accidents every year.



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