The Remnants Of This Abandoned Pennsylvania Hospital Are Terribly Creepy

I am not quite sure there is anything more unnerving than a hospital. Well, maybe there is…one that has been abandoned for many decades. Right in downtown Brownsville, Pennsylvania, sits the old abandoned Brownsville General Hospital. The facilities are right out of a horror movie and it’s truly one of the eeriest abandoned locations we have ever visited.

Built in the early 20th Century, the hospital and an across-the-street nursing school operated until the mid-century. Over time, both facilities were turned into nursing homes and then later abandoned.

The two buildings now sit vacant except for many items that have been left behind. There is no doubt that you are in a hospital setting when you enter. Gurneys, linens, beds, lamps and even files litter the hallways and rooms. Cards still hung on walls, beds were still made. The actual hospital was in far worse shape, making passing to the lower and higher levels much harder than at the nursing home. Food trays still adorned the side of many beds, wheelchairs filled in sink holes, all bringing the underlying element of the true meaning of this once grand institution to the forefront of our minds. Though no patients filled the rooms, no groans could be heard from the waiting room, the feeling of dread was everywhere and was a haunting reminder of those who once hoped for a cure at Brownsville General Hospital.

Pretty creepy, right? Have you ever visited this abandoned hospital? Let us know in the comments below.

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