Anyone who’s traveled in Pennsylvania can attest that it’s breathtakingly beautiful. However, there’s only so much we can see by car. If we really want to experience the natural beauty, we have to lace up our shoes get out there, and explore some of the best trails in Pennsylvania. But where do we start? The following 18 trails represent some of the best hikes in Pennsylvania and offer something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an easy trek with the kiddos or a challenging overnighter.

Best Hikes In Pennsylvania

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or striking out on your first trek there’s something for everyone with more than 1,600 Pennsylvania hiking trails to explore. If you prefer a leisurely stroll along a riverwalk, you’ll find it in Pennsylvania. But if you’re all about challenging, rugged terrain, you’ll find a trail in Pennsylvania that fits the bill.

Here are three of our favorite hikes in Pennsylvania. Each promises a unique adventure, but all three have one thing in common: Spellbinding beauty that showcases some of the best Pennsylvania has to offer.

Best Short & Easy Hikes in Pennsylvania

Short and sweet defines countless Pennsylvania trails. While these easy trails in Pennsylvania may not tally many miles, they’re certainly packed with gorgeous natural scenery. Bring the kiddos and your pups (as long as they’re leashed) along on the best short and easy hikes in Pennsylvania.

Hardest Hikes in Pennsylvania

On the hunt for a challenging outdoor adventure? Look no further! The three hardest hikes in Pennsylvania will put your trekking skills to the test, but you’ll be more than sufficiently rewarded with some of the best views (views not everyone gets to see) in the entire state.

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Best Waterfront Hikes in Pennsylvania

From lakes to rivers, Pennsylvania is brimming with beautiful bodies of water. It’s only natural then that some amazing waterfront hikes in Pennsylvania give a glimpse of those rivers and lakes. From an easy riverwalk to a moderately challenging trail, these waterfront hikes are perfect all year long.

Best Winter Hikes in Pennsylvania

A fresh snowfall transforms the landscape into a winter wonderland. Instead of staying inside curled up with a hot chocolate, bundle up and follow your bliss through nature in Pennsylvania (Your hot chocolate will be waiting for you when you get back). From sweeping views from the tallest point in the state to a short but sweet journey to its tallest waterfall, these winter hikes in Pennsylvania belong on your bucket list.

Best Hikes Near Philadelphia

When you need a break from the excitement of big-city life, get out there and explore one of the best hikes near Philadelphia. Stroll past gorgeous scenery – a covered bridge, waterfalls, and lush foliage – and you can even make music by tapping a hammer on rocks on one of the best hikes near Philadelphia.

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These trails in Pennsylvania, however, are just a launching point. There are hundreds of amazing trails all across the state. Try AllTrails+ For Free, and explore some more!

If you’re still in the mood for more Pennsylvania adventures, take a look at this video about the Philadelphia Magic Garden:

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More To Love About Pennsylvania

Where can we learn about Pennsylvania's history?

Pennsylvania is a wonderfully beautiful state with an equally wonderful history. Here are a few places where you can learn about Pennsylvania's history:

  • The Meadowcroft Rockshelter – Located near Avella in Washington County, this is the site of what is believed to be the oldest known evidence of humanity in the Americas. The artifacts date back at least 16,000 years.
  • Ole Bull State Park – Located in Cross Fork, the land was originally plated in the hopes of creating a Norwegian settlement for the many Norwegians who had come to the area at that time. Unfortunately, that idea only lasted a year, but the park is a beautiful remnant.
  • The Raven Rock Mountain Complex – Located near Blue Ridge Summit, the complex—which is also known as “Site R”—was designed to serve as a second Pentagon should there be a nuclear attack on the United States. This was during the Cold War

Read on to learn more about the deep and rich Pennsylvania history.

Where can we find state parks in Pennsylvania?

Some of the state parks in Pennsylvania include:

  • Ravensburg State Park along the Jersey Shore features a hiking trail, picnic spots, and campsites.
  • Erie Bluffs State Park in Lake City features soaring bluffs and fishing and boating opportunities.
  • Allegheny Islands State Park in Cheswick is a  43-acre state park only accessible by boat.


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Where can we find campgrounds in Pennsylvania?

Some fantastic campgrounds in Pennsylvania include:

  • The Splash Magic RV Resort by Rjourney in Northumberland offers a rustic camping experience with traditional tent and RV sites, cabins, and a waterpark.
  • The Deer Run Camping Resort in Gardners has both primitive and deluxe campsites as well as a full lineup of activities.
  • The Colonial Woods Family Camping Resort in Upper Black Eddy offers a lot of amenities like a spa, heated swimming pool, children's spray pool, and miniature golf.


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