One Of The Most Haunted Cemeteries In Pennsylvania Is Also The Most Beautiful

Pennsylvania is known for its ghostly tales, and it’s not surprising that many of them originate in cemeteries. The most haunted cemetery in Pennsylvania just might be Gettysburg National Cemetery, where more than 3,500 Union soldiers have been laid to rest. Whether you believe in the paranormal, are a history buff, or just want to visit one of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful cemeteries, a visit to Gettysburg National Cemetery belongs on your bucket list.

What do you think is the most haunted cemetery in Pennsylvania? Have you been to Gettysburg National Cemetery? Did you experience the paranormal? Let us know in the comments! While you’re in town, you might want to visit the oldest restaurant in Gettysburg.

Address: Gettysburg National Cemetery, National Park Service Museum and Visitor Center, 1195 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, PA 17325, USA