You Must Hike This Award Winning Trail In Pennsylvania Before You Die

Sprawled across more than 200,000 acres in Pennsylvania, our 121 state parks promise the kind of experiences we remember for a lifetime. While every park features beautiful hiking trails that allow us to channel our inner explorers, this award-winning trail in Pennsylvania stands above the rest, at least in 2016.

The Standing Stone Trail in Central Pennsylvania earned the title of the 2016 Trail of the Year back in March, a title it will hold until another park earns the crown next year. So, without further ado, here is what you need to know about this award-winning trail in Pennsylvania that you must hike before you die:

The Standing Stone Trail promises an award-winning experience that will take you on a tour through history and past untouched scenery you just don’t find every day. Already trekked the Standing Stone Trail and looking for another challenge? Try these 10 hiking trails in Pennsylvania that will lead you somewhere unforgettable.