An urban explorer that goes by the name Abandoned Steve recently went inside a mansion that’s set to be torn down. What happened inside that mansion is disturbing, and what it looks like now is equally so. This is from his YouTube excerpt, then watch the video below:

“Built in 1947 by Dr. Dimedio, this mansion, called the “Bella Vista” sitting on 12 acres lies abandoned and on the list to be torn down. According to Delco public records, the house totals 15,000 sq feet with 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Dr. Dimedio was a famous surgeon who founded the old Mercy Hospital. He was the general contractor for this mansion. However the house was not built very well. Rumors all were talked about from this place. Rev Fred Drummond lived in this house 30 years ago. He supposedly ran a cult at the church near the property and in the house according to documents. His leaders have also been recently involved in a child molestation case at the church that been going on for years and still is going on. A google search of his name will bring up tons of newspaper articles about what he use to do in that cult. Today the house sits abandoned since 2005. A developer currently owns it and plans to demolished it in the near future. The house would cost millions to fix. They have no choice but to tear it down.”

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