This Huge Country Store Makes The Best Homemade Sandwiches In Pennsylvania

How hungry are you? Hungry enough to try what this country store in Pennsylvania calls the “largest sandwiches” in the state? Well, even if you’re not that hungry, spend an hour or two exploring this huge country store that sells plenty of fun items – from old-fashioned penny candy to homemade fresh fudge. And, as a bonus, the self-described largest country store in Pennsylvania boasts a 2,000-square foot room just for the kiddos.

Have you ever had a sandwich at this country store in Pennsylvania? Join the conversation in the comments! And, if you’re a fan of whoppie pies, make a beeline for this unassuming store in PA. Click here to read more.

Address: 84 Country Store is located at 101 Creamery Rd., Greentown, PA 18426