It’s time for a road trip! Any time is the perfect time for a road trip in Pennsylvania, wouldn’t you agree? We’ll find no better place for a road trip than in the Keystone State, especially with its breathtaking landscape. And we’ve put together one of the very most scenic road trips in Pennsylvania. So pack your suitcase, gas up the car, and hit the highway to see seven wonders of Pennsylvania in this epic road trip adventure!

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How many of the seven wonders of Pennsylvania have you visited? Let us know in the comments below! And, if you like scenic road trips in Pennsylvania, hit the highway on this adventure through some of the Keystone State’s most charming small towns. Click here to read more about this scenic adventure.

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Scenic Road Trips In Pennsylvania

What are some other scenic road trips in Pennsylvania?

In terms of scenic road trips in Pennsylvania, it doesn't get much more beautiful than our waterfalls road trip, which visits seven of the state's most spectacular cascades, beginning at Glen Onoko Falls and traveling in a loop northwest to Ricketts Glen. If you're into scenic drives, you'll love these 10 beautiful backroads in Pennsylvania. Explore the rolling hills, lush forests, and shimmering lakes of the Keystone State from the comfort of your car with tunes blaring or in the peaceful quiet. Of course, the scenery of Pennsylvania in the autumn is unparalleled, and our fall foliage road trip will take you to the best places to admire all the fall colors!

Does Pennsylvania have many natural wonders?

As evidenced by the above road trip, Pennsylvania is full of natural wonders. In addition to the wonders listed above, these 10 places in Pennsylvania are absolutely swoon-worthy and will give you a glimpse into the natural beauty that’s hidden throughout our beloved state! One of our favorite natural wonders in Pennsylvania is Hammersley Wild Area. Considered the most remote place in Pennsylvania, Hemmersley Wild Area offers quiet tranquility and an abundance of natural beauty. The wild area spans more than 30,000 acres, and motorized vehicles are not allowed. Laurel Caverns in Farmington is another must-visit; at 464 feet, it's the deepest cave in Pennsylvania with a depth of 464 feet. To best explore this natural wonder, opt for a guided tour, or, if you're feeling adventurous, you can also go spelunking and caving! The caverns are a seasonal attraction, closing in the winter months to allow the resident bats to hibernate. Check out the official website of Laurel Caverns for more information.

What are some of the most beautiful places to visit in Pennsylvania?

The Keystone State is a state that's rich in natural beauty, and there are so many places to go to experience its splendor. These 20 scenic places in Pennsylvania are a great place to start. From overlooks and vistas, to state parks and natural wonders, there are simply so many beautiful places one can visit in Pennsylvania!