Wild Horses Roam Free At Steens Mountain Wilderness Area In Oregon

Oregon is a wholly wondrous place to live, with breathtaking beauty found in every corner of the state. While the Oregon Coast and Columbia River Gorge get much of the state’s spotlight, there is a region in southeast Oregon that is truly, utterly wonderful. Hidden away in the southeastern corner of the state, the Steens Mountain Wilderness Area is 428,000 acres of remote land that’s the wildest and most untamed in all of Oregon. Because it’s here you’ll find a truly rugged wilderness where eagles and red-tailed hawks soar across the sky, and where wild horses roam free.

Have you visited the Steens Mountain Wilderness Area before? Did you know there were wild horses in Oregon? This really is an experience for your Oregon bucket list.

Address: Steens Mountain, Oregon 97721, USA