With Stream Crossings and Waterfalls, The Little-Known Oneonta Gorge Trail Is Unexpectedly Magical

For those with an insatiable waterfall wanderlust, there’s nowhere better than the Columbia River Gorge. A grand, 90-mile expanse that’s widely considered one of the most pristine places in the country, the Columbia River Gorge a treasure trove of beautiful trails, sublime scenery, and wondrous waterfalls. And while there are numerous well-known falls within this #pnwonderland, the Oneonta Gorge Trail is a lesser traveled and accessible trail that leads the captivating Oneonta Falls.

Have you ever hiked the Oneonta Gorge Trail in Oregon before? What an enchanting and memorable adventure in the Columbia River Gorge! Visit the USDA Forest Service website before you go to view current trail conditions and plan your adventure.

Please note that parts of the Oneonta Gorge may be currently deemed unsafe due to fire damage.

Address: Oneonta Gorge, Oregon 97014, USA