Feast On Home-Cooked Excellence At This Unassuming But Amazing Roadside Stop In Oregon

If you find yourself in central Oregon craving an excellent meal, head on over to the Dayville Cafe. This roadside stop is worth the trip. The food and service here is fantastic, and as soon as you finish up your meal, pay your bill, and drive away, you’ll be trying to figure out how and when you can come back soon.

The Dayville Cafe is one of the only places to eat for many miles in all directions. Some proprietors would use that fact to be lazy and to serve subpar food – after all, where else is anyone going to go? However, the owners, the Van Tassel family, do the opposite. They work hard to create and serve the very best food in this part of the state. Greg Van Tassel does the cooking. His wife, Deanne, and daughter, Raegann, are the servers. His mom, Debbie, makes the pies fresh every day. Read on to learn more about this special place.

You’ll love the Dayville Cafe and the Van Tassels can’t wait to meet you! Even if you’re not already in central Oregon, a trip to this roadside stop in Oregon is worth it. Plan your visit today, and you’ll surely want to go back time and time again.

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Address: Dayville Cafe, 212 Franklin St, Dayville, OR 97825, USA