This Treehouse Resort In Oregon Will Give You An Unforgettable Experience

Known as the Out’n’About “Treesort,” this is a truly only-in-Oregon type of place, just south of Cave Junction, near the California border. This unique B&B community was founded by Michael Garnier, who is said to have wanted to celebrate the state’s abundance of trees. It took years to convince officials in Josephine County that his unusual structures were of sound construction, and for a long time he had to find ways around the system (instead of booking customers, he invited friends into his tree homes, who would purchase souvenir T-shirts as an act of solidarity). Now, the place is fully above-board, so to speak, and regularly books visitors from around the world.

We also found this great video that actually shows you what one of these treehouses looks like on the inside.

We hear this is the largest such treehouse colony in the world. We’re not really sure how to verify that, but one thing’s for sure, this place is special. Tell us, have you visited the “treesort?” Would you? Tell us in the comments below!