This Natural Wonder In Oregon Will Mystify You

Thor’s Well is located at Cape Perpetua in the Siuslaw National Forest. There are many theories about this unique rock formation: some say that it’s draining the Pacific, others believe it may even be a gateway to the underworld. No one is sure exactly how it was formed, but one popular assumption is that it was once a sea cave until the roof collapsed, leaving a hole on the coast that is roughly 20 feet deep.

What we know for sure is, this amazing saltwater well is also a fountain. At high tide, water spirals deep down into the hole, and then periodically huge gushes of water burst back out (sometimes reaching as high as 20 feet into the air), rhythmically swaying between violence and beauty.

Photographers from all over the country have tried to capture the beauty of this natural phenomenon, but it’s not an easy task. Not only do the conditions have to be right, it’s very dangerous because of the splashing waves, sharp rocks, and strong tide that could pull a viewer into the well’s depths. Here are some beautiful photos of Thor’s Well, taken by daring photographers. 

Have you ever visited Thor’s Well? What other natural wonders in Oregon have you mystified? Tell us your experiences in the comments below!


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