See The Tallest Waterfall In Oregon At The Columbia River Gorge

It’s definitely not a secret that Oregon is a stunningly beautiful place. It’s filled head to toe with lush forests, sparkling lakes, crystal-clear rivers, and, of course, astonishing waterfalls. Amazingly, there are more than 230 waterfalls in our beautiful state; as of the last time we checked, there are exactly 238 known falls throughout. There is some debate online as to which one is really the tallest, but there’s just one answer: Multnomah Falls, nestled within the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, is Oregon’s tallest waterfall, coming in at a daunting 620 feet in height.

We recommend dressing warm for your visit to the falls, no matter what time of year it is. We also strongly encourage closed-toed shoes with good grip to them, as the constant flow of the falls ensures the surrounding earth and rocks are wet, slippery, and a little slimy in some spots thanks to algae growth. It gets pretty chilly year-round, so be prepared!

Multnomah Falls is just 30 minutes from Portland. Should you begin there, you’ll drive the I-84 eastbound for about 30 miles, and then you’ll take exit 31 while following the local signage. It’s a left-side exit ramp, so keep an eye out for that. You’ll find the parking area quickly, and from there, you can follow the trails to the most amazing waterfall in all of Oregon (and that’s saying a lot).

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Address: Multnomah Falls, Oregon, USA