A visit to Oregon’s coast typically includes plenty of wildlife viewing. Take a hike to see Roosevelt elk and blacktail deer, scan the sea for whales, and keep an eye out along the coastline for sea birds, seals, and sea lions. For a truly unique wildlife adventure, check out these Oregon Sea Lion Caves near Florence. Depending on the timing of your visit, you might see hundreds of Steller sea lions.

Learn more by visiting the website for the Sea Lion Caves and make sure to follow its Facebook page to see the latest updates.

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Aside from the sea caves, there is so much to do along Highway 101 in Oregon. If you’re taking a road trip, make sure you have all the road trip essentials.

Looking for more wildlife on the coast? Visit this little beach near Newport. It doesn’t have any sand, but it does have plenty of seals and sea birds.

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What are the best aquariums in Oregon?

The sea caves are certainly an awesome day trip in Oregon, but there is more to see! Check out some of the best aquariums in Oregon:

Oregon Coast Aquarium: You’ll find this aquarium over in Newport. One of its most famous claims to fame is that from 1996 to 1998, it was home to Keiko, the killer whale from the 1993 movie Free Willy. The aquarium was opened in 1992 and features exhibits like Coastal Waters, the Seabird Aviary, and much more.

Seaside Aquarium: Head to Seaside to see this aquarium that is popularly known for its “tsunami fish.” There are over 100 species of animals to see here, like seals and urchins. And be sure to book an experience feeding the seals.

What are the best zoos in Oregon?

It’s not just all Oregon sea caves here. Be sure to head to some of the best zoos in Oregon:

Great Cats World Park: At this 11-acre park in Cave Junction, you’ll find…you guessed it, cats! Opened in 2005, here you’ll find more than 50 cats from Amur leopards to white Bengal tigers to bobcats.

Oregon Zoo: Established back in 1888, this 64-acre zoo is home to over 1,800 different animals, like African painted dogs, snowy owls, and polar bears. In between observing the animals, consider other activities like roaming the wildlife garden, hopping on the zoo train, or riding the carousel.

What are the best animal encounters in Oregon?

Still want to see more animals other than those in the Oregon sea lion caves? Check out these animal encounters in Oregon:

Marquam Hill Ranch: Head to this farm in Molalla to see more than 75 alpacas that call it home. You can observe and feed them and also get an education on how they are bred and cared for.

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary: You’ll find this spot in Scio. This farm animal rescue is home to an abundance of abused and neglected farm animals like sheep, pigs, horses, cows, and more.

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