9 Awesome Things You Can Do In Oregon When It’s Raining

It’s raining in Oregon pretty much all the time (OK, maybe we’re exaggerating a wee-tad), so naturally you find yourself a little stir crazy every now and then if you’re stuck in the house during a big storm (we know, we know, you probably don’t even care about a typical shower.) But in case you were looking for something to do with the family that doesn’t depend on Oregon’s unpredictable weather, we picked out some great rainy day activities that everyone should love.

9) Drift Creek Trail, Siuslaw National Forest

This coastal rain forest trail is an enjoyable hike most times of the year, even in the rain. You’ve got plenty of foliage and canopy to soften any downpour. Just be careful crossing that 240-foot cable suspension bridge.

So, what do you think? Do any of these give you some creative ways to have fun, despite the weather? What are your favorite things to do when it rains? Tell us in the comments below.