This Dinosaur-Themed Park In Oregon Is Creepy Yet Amazing

Located in Southern Oregon along the 101 coastal highway, the Prehistoric Gardens are not your average tourist attraction. Here you’ll find a beautiful garden teeming with 23 life-sized dinosaur replicas built over the course of 30 years.

The park was created in 1953 when the Nelson family moved to a plot of land they thought would be a fitting home for dinosaurs. The garden itself is absolutely lovely. Trails and wooden walkways traverse vibrant greenery, ancient trees and babbling brooks in an old-growth rainforest setting. Along the path you’ll find the incredible dinosaurs, ranging from an enormous T-Rex to a newly hatched litter of Triceratops. The greatest accomplishment is probably the Brachiosaurs, a massive 86-foot-long sculpture that took four years and a lot of love to complete.

The place is odd, but it’s undeniably charming as well. This quirky spot is great for a family outing. It will fascinate you and transport you back in time (although the dinosaurs look much friendlier now than they would’ve back then).

Find out more about the Prehistoric Gardens on their website.

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