Located in Southern Oregon along the 101 coastal highway, the Prehistoric Gardens are not your average tourist attraction. Here you’ll find a beautiful garden teeming with 23 life-sized dinosaur replicas built over the course of 30 years. It’s a dinosaur theme park of prehistoric proportions!

Have you been to this dinosaur theme park in Oregon? What did you think? Share your experience with us in the comments below! We will definitely be planning a trip to this unique place in Oregon! Learn more about Prehistoric Gardens on their website. And for more prehistoric adventures in The Beaver State, you’ll want to check out this epic fossil park — located, fittingly, in Fossil, Oregon!

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Dinosaur Theme Park In Oregon

Are there any other dinosaur attractions in Oregon?

Located in Lincoln City, Prehistoric is a store that sells items from, well, prehistoric times. The shelves at Prehistoric are crammed with all kinds of fossils, minerals, meteorites, and more. This store is as much a museum as a place to shop -- and you can even tour Prehistoric virtually. Many of the ancient treasures here have been turned into museum-quality art, so you can pick out a one-of-a-kind fossil or ancient artifact to display in your home! It's truly a treasure trove of prehistoric proportions.

Does Oregon have any dinosaur fossils or archaeological sites?

Did you know that you can go on your very own fossil hunting expedition right here in Oregon? The Wheeler High School Fossil Beds are overflowing with evidence of prehistoric life, dating back millions of years. About 33 million years ago, this area was covered in a shallow lake. Today, you can find fossils from the leaves and branches of the deciduous trees that grew along the stream banks and in nearby wetlands. This unique fossil park (fittingly located in the town of Fossil, OR) is the perfect place to uncover your own piece of Earth’s ancient history. Before you start digging, be sure to stop by the nearby Oregon Paleo Center. There will be volunteers on hand who can offer tips for finding the best fossils.

What are some adventure parks in Oregon?

Oregon is a wonderful place for outdoor adventures. Located in the woods just outside of Portland, Tree to Tree Adventure Park is a one-of-a-kind adventure destination. Here, you'll have the opportunity to ride a zip line (or take a zip line tour!), walk across suspension bridges and balance beams, try your hand at an aerial obstacle course, and more. Oh, and Tree to Tree Adventure Park also happens to be located in the most magical scenery in the state.