What Lies Beneath The Streets Of Portland Is Creepy Yet Amazing

The term “shanghaiing” refers to the kidnapping and illegal sale of men and women. From approximately 1850 to 1941, corrupt middlemen captured men to sell them off to captains in need of crewmen, and kidnapped women to sell them into sex trade. The Portland Underground was intentionally purposed for moving goods easily and swiftly to and from boats on the Willamette River–but as Portland myths tell us–it eventually it became the main outlet of awful shanghai practices. If you have ever heard Portland be called “The Forbidden City of The West,” now you know why. Although the use of these tunnels under Portland were atrocious and creepy, they are an amazing part of the city’s history.

It’s horrible to think that these theories about the tunnels under Portland could have been true so long ago. The fact that someone designed tunnels like this for sufficient movement of goods is pretty amazing, but outrageous that they could have been used for something so awful.