With ample waterways surrounding the city, there are a lot of beaches around town that can get a bit crowded as soon as the weather warms up. While some beaches are super popular, you may not know about these hidden beaches around Portland, and they are certainly worth a visit to cool down. Take this epic road trip exploring some of Portland’s best hidden gem beaches for some guaranteed fun in the sun, Oregon style.

What is your favorite hidden beach near Rose City? Would you add any other spots to the above list of best beaches in Portland? Let us know in the comments below!

Looking for some fun adventures on dry land? Check out these beautiful, picnic-worthy hikes around Portland.

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Best beaches in Portland

What are some other beautiful beaches to visit near Portland?

If you're up for a little adventure along the Oregon Coast, we have just the road trip for you. From top to bottom, the Oregon Coast is filled to the brim with amazing places worthy of exploration. There’s so much to do and see in this stunning state, including plenty of hidden gem beaches in Oregon that’ll blow you away. Stumbling upon these secret Oregon beaches is a downright magical experience – and when you put them all together, they make for an unforgettable road trip. Some highlights on the trip include Crescent Beach, Short Sand Beach, and Hug Point. We especially love Hug Point Beach; it's a total hidden gem that has its very own waterfall! Located at Hug Point State Recreation Site, Hug Point Falls is a 15-foot waterfall that gently cascades down a sandstone drop-off along the Oregon Coast. The entire scene feels like a hidden oasis, complete with small caves and verdant greenery behind the falls.