There’s An Eerily Beautiful Shipwreck Hiding On The Oregon Coast and You Need To See It

In 1906, an enormous ship called Peter Iredale was wrecked on the Oregon coast. The ship was heading for Portland, but as it neared the mouth of the Columbia River the winds grew strong and the air was opaque with fog. The ship veered towards the shore and the sailors were forced to evacuate on lifeboats; miraculously, everyone survived.

The ship, however, was abandoned where it wrecked, left to decay for years to come. To this day, you can still go see the ship’s rusty ruin as it slowly sinks into the sand on the beach of Hammond, near Fort Stevens State Park.

Check out this amazing drone footage of the shipwreck:

According to wikipedia, the captain’s last words to the ship were: “May God bless you, and may your bones bleach in the sands.” And so it is.

Thanks to Orion Davidson for the amazing drone footage. Check out more awesome videos on their youtube channel.

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