The Unique, Out-Of-The-Way Natural Attraction In Oregon That’s Always Worth A Visit

If you crave some visual inspiration, the out-of-the-way trip to the Pillars of Rome in Oregon is worth a visit and your time. For about five miles along the Owyhee River, these 100-foot high ancient ruins accompany travelers along the way. Rome, an unincorporated community, was named for the pillars. It is also called Rome Station, after its only business. Folks travel here to see these fascinating formations of fossil-bearing ash, lake, and stream sediment, sometimes resembling ancient Roman temple architecture. These fascinating rock formations, stirring as many stories as your imagination can conjure, are located on U.S. Highway 95, between Idaho and Nevada in southeastern Oregon. Other scenery in the area is also stunning, compared to such epic destinations as the Grand Canyon. Read along to discover more about the Pillars of Rome in Oregon.

Are you ready to make the drive out to this out-of-the-way natural attraction in Oregon? And while you are in the Jordan Valley, check out this interesting gravesite. If you go, please tell us about your experience in the comments below.

Address: Pillars of Rome, Old Ion Hwy, Jordan Valley, OR 97910, USA
Address: Rome Station, 3605 US-95, Jordan Valley, OR 97910, USA