Where This Awesome Oregon Coast Road Trip Will Take You Is Unforgettable

Summer is just around the corner, which makes now the perfect time to start planning some unforgettable road trips. What better way could there be to celebrate the sunshine than with an awesome road trip along the coast? Oregon’s Pacific Coast is absolutely stunning. From gorgeous beaches and dramatic cliffs to scenic highways and charming seaside towns, the Oregon coast will dazzle you and drop your jaw.

No matter where your starting point is, everyone can enjoy this awesome road trip. Simply get on Route 101 and head North or South for as many miles as your heart desires. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite landmarks and destinations to check out along the way, as well as charming seaside towns to stay the night in.

Here’s a link to the map we created.

How many of these places have you visited? What are some other great spots to check out on the Oregon coast?