Built In 1910, Oregon’s Hawthorne Bridge Is The Oldest Vertical Lift Bridge In Operation In America

The Portland skyline is iconic, and truly is the sum of *all* its parts. Between majestic Mount Hood, the wondrous Willamette River, the cherry-blossom lined Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park, and the city’s numerous skyscrapers and historic buildings, there’s no city more beautiful than the Rose City. A port town through and through, the bridges of Portland are a quintessential part of the city’s pizzazz, and the Hawthorne Bridge truly stands out as one of the best. Built in 1910, the Hawthorne Bridge is the oldest vertical lift bridge in America that’s still in operation, and it’s an only-in-Oregon marvel that deserves its 15 minutes of fame.

Looking for more astonishing superlatives in the Beaver State? In Oregon City, you’ll find the only vertical street in North America…and one of just a handful in the entire world!

Address: Hawthorne Bridge, Portland, OR, USA