National Geographic Named These 3 Oregon Volcanoes As Some Of The Most Dangerous In America

Oregon’s volcanoes recently earned a spot on National Geographic’s “Most Dangerous Volcanoes in America” list. The list was created by government experts who took into account various criteria, including scientific data, numerous research studies, and various other measures. Their findings might surprise you: three of the most dangerous volcanoes in the entire country are in Oregon. Read on to see which Oregon volcanoes made the list…

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

Have you visited any of these volcanoes before? Did you know about these three most dangerous volcanoes in Oregon? What do you think of National Geographic’s list? Share your thoughts and reactions with us in the comments below.

While these three volcanoes are certainly some scary places in Oregon, there’s so much more to the Beaver State than doom and gloom. In fact, Crater Lake, while home to one of the most dangerous volcanoes in Oregon, is also the most sublime place to stargaze in the PNW.

Address: Crater Lake, Oregon 97604, USA
Address: Mount Hood, Mt Hood, Oregon 97041, USA
Address: South Sister, Oregon 97413, USA
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most dangerous volcanoes in Oregon

July 28, 2021

Is Oregon a dangerous place to live?

Don’t let National Geographic’s rankings deter you; the Beaver State is a very safe and wonderful place to live. However, with the incredible, wondrous beauty found in our state, there are certain risks one should be aware of. In terms of natural disasters in Oregon, landslides along the Oregon Coast have unfortunately become more common in recent years, as global warming heeds its ugly head in the PNW. Also related are the terrible forest fires that have plagued the Pacific Northwest, devastating some of Oregon’s most treasured natural areas. But it’s not all doom and gloom here; in Oregon we enjoy pretty mild weather year-round, so we can play in Mother Nature whenever we want!

Where are the best places to experience nature in Oregon?

Close your eyes and point your finger on a map of Oregon, and you’re sure to land on a place that’s simply bursting with natural beauty. Some of the most wondrous places to explore in Oregon are the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon Coast, Multnomah Falls, Cannon Beach, Crater Lake, the Painted Hills, and Smith Rock. We’ve even designed a road trip that visits six of Oregon’s wonders, so you can experience some of the very best of the state’s natural beauty!

Tell me more about Crater Lake in Oregon.

Wow – where to begin! Yes, as the article above indicated, Crater Lake is home to one of the most dangerous volcanoes in Oregon. But there is so much more to this spectacular natural wonder than that! At 1,949 feet deep, it’s the deepest lake in the United States; a pristine pool of deep azure. The lake’s history is as deep as its waters, tracing back over 7,700 years to when a powerful eruption collapsed an ancient volcano, forming what we know as of today as Crater Lake, Oregon’s first national park. Today, Crater Lake National Park attracts upwards of 750,000 visitors each year, inviting all to revel in its resplendence, and it truly is a place that belongs on every Oregonian’s bucket list.

Address: Crater Lake, Oregon 97604, USA
Address: Mount Hood, Mt Hood, Oregon 97041, USA
Address: South Sister, Oregon 97413, USA