This Mysterious Design That Appeared In Oregon Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

In the August of 1990, a pilot discovered something incredible as he was flying over a dried-up lakebed in a remote area of the Alvord desert. He was awestruck. Far below his plane was an enormous, beautiful design etched into the earth. But how did it get there? And why? Twenty-six years later, the mystery is still unsolved.

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The pilot reported the strange design immediately, and soon the symbol was identified to be a Sri Yantra; an ancient Hindu symbol used during meditation. The symbol has been used for centuries.

One of the things most extraordinary about this discovery was the absolute perfection of the geometry and symmetry of the complex design. Investigators couldn’t find any tire tracks, nor even a footprint at the site. So how was it made? And why the Sri Yantra? The questions remain unanswered.

This video explains the phenomenon further:

Find out more at or Thanks to the Sri Yantra: The Oregon Desert Mystery Youtube Channel for the video.

What do you think? Could it be alien intervention? A conspiracy? An anonymous piece of landscape art? Have you seen it for yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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