Most People Don’t Know These 19 Movies Were Filmed In Oregon

Oregon really is the ideal filming locale. It’s one of the most beautiful states in the country, and has a ton of geographic diversity. If you’re in need of gloom and overcast, Portland, the Willamette Valley, and the Pacific coast have that covered. If it’s desolate desert scenes that you’re scouting for, central, southern, and eastern Oregon can serve as excellent alternatives to California. Looking for the perfect, Hallmark-level of cozy and snow? Oregon has that, too! Here are some famous movies filmed in Oregon:

You might have been surprised to learn that some of these movies were filmed in Oregon. But tell us, which Oregon-filmed movies do you love? And if you’re a film buff, you’ll geek out over these historic theaters in Oregon.

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Movies Filmed In Oregon

February 02, 2021

What are some fun facts about Oregon?

Oregon is an absolutely incredible place, full of fun and interesting history. We all know that Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the country — but did you know that it’s even deeper than the Empire State Building is tall? Or that Oregon is home to more ghost towns than any other state in the country? Or that we have an official state nut? Here’s the dish on 12 weird-but-true facts about Oregon.

Where are some of the most scenic places in Oregon?

Speaking of fun facts about Oregon, here’s another: Oregon has more waterfalls than any other state in the country, Hawaii and Alaska included. Oregon has more than 226 waterfalls, and these falls are some of the most scenic places in the state. (For reference, the state of Washington comes in second place, at 181 waterfalls.) Our Waterfalls Road Trip will take you to some of the most breathtaking falls in the state, including Tamanawas Falls and Ramona Falls, the latter of which is located in the spectacular Mount Hood National Forest.

What’s it like to live in Oregon?

This state is an absolutely wonderful place to live — there’s a reason why so many movies are filmed in Oregon! Oregonians are a proud and resourceful group, full of the independent, pioneer spirit. We’re the home of the iconic Oregon Trail. Our natural resources and beautiful surroundings (waterfall, forests, and beaches – oh my!) are coveted by people from all over the country. And we collectively have this free spirit that has persisted for as long as Oregon has been a state. These 15 Reasons Why Oregon Is The BEST State will give you a glimpse into what life’s like in The Beaver State.

Address: Oregon, USA