Find More Than A Million Books At Powell’s City Of Books, The Largest Discount Bookstore In Oregon

Are you the type of reader whose idea of paradise is a castle filled entirely with books? Well, while that may seem like the type of fantasy world found in the castle from Beauty and the Beast, there is a real-world institution that comes close: Powell’s City of Books in Portland, Oregon. This famed institution isn’t just the largest independent bookstore in the state — it’s the largest in the world. It’s home to about a million books!

And as a massive independent bookstore, Powell’s City Of Books also sells hundreds and hundreds of discount books. You’re guaranteed to locate beloved classic novels and rare, interesting friends at a great price here. No need to break out the big bucks — you can snag these gently-used stories at great prices (and in great condition, too!).

Powell’s City of Books is a top destination if you are ever in Portland, Oregon. Whether you’re an avid book-lover or a casual reader, the sight of all those books truly is majestic. Plus, there are all sorts of discount gems hidden at this bookstore!

Address: Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97209, USA