One of the best things about the Beaver State is that we have so many diverse places to explore. From thick, lush forests, to sandy beaches and rocky coastlines, to vast stretches of desert landscape, Oregon pretty much has it all. When was the last time you took a peek inside one of the caves in the state? At Oregon Caves National Monument, you can explore the famous Marble Halls. It’s one of the most spectacular cave tours in Oregon. Take a look:

Learn more about this unique place in Oregon on the Oregon Caves National Monument website, and check out its Facebook page. And be sure to take a look at 20 Oregon hidden gems that you also won’t want to miss.

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Oregon's Hidden Gems

What are some of Oregon's most breathtaking Natural hidden gems?

For something truly out of this world, you've got to see Thor's Well in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area near Yachats. About an hour before high tide, this massive hole in the coastal rocks draws the ocean water in and it seems like it is being sucked into the center of the earth. As waves crash into it, water shoots into the air, creating a water show that rivals anything ever made by humans. The John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in the Painted Hills is like stepping into a work of art. The multicolored layers are simply stunning and the varied rock formations are so intriguing to behold. This is a place you won't soon forget.

What are some of Oregon's best-kept natural secrets?

Tamolitch Pool, hidden away in the achingly gorgeous old-growth forest surrounding the McKenzie River Trail, is something out of a fantasy book. Not only is the surrounding forest simply stunning, but this deep azure pool is mesmerizing and frequented by wildlife. It's one of the most picturesque places you'll ever see. Not far from here are two beautiful waterfalls, Koosah Falls and Sahalie Falls. Seeing these rushing falls casting rainbows in the air surrounded by the lush green forest is one of the most magical sights you'll ever see.

What are some of Oregon's lesser-known State Parks?

Catherine Creek State Park, in central Oregon near the I-84 is filled with Ponderosa pine trees, colorful wildflowers, and a wide selection of beautiful camping sites. It's a wonder so few know about it since it's so gorgeous and the camping areas are so well-maintained, but it's possible you may have it all to yourself! As part of one of our curated road trips, LaPine State Park has some of the most breathtaking scenery. The peace and serenity you'll find here will match the beauty of the place, and it's wonderful for a relaxing day of fishing.

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