There’s A Bridge In Redmond, Oregon, That You Can Actually Climb

If you’re into climbing, there is an abundance of options available in Oregon. Most notable is Smith Rock State Park, an internationally renowned climbing destination. Just 15 minutes from this magnificent natural wonder, however, there’s another climbing site that’s another must for climbing enthusiasts. In Redmond, Oregon, the Maple Avenue Bridge is a beautiful architectural structure that spans over Dry Canyon Trail. It’s also a bridge that’s open for climbing. The Maple Bridge Arches, as they’re called, are an epic, only-in-Oregon challenge that absolutely belongs on any climber’s bucket list.

Did you know about this unique bridge in Redmond? What a cool Oregon treasure! To learn more about the Maple Bridge Arches, visit the Climb Maple Bridge website.

Address: Dry Canyon Trail, Redmond, OR 97756, USA