The Mystery Behind Oregon’s Disappearing Lake Is Truly Unique

Located in the Mt Hood National Forest, Lost Lake is a gorgeous hidden gem. However, this incredible place is more than beautiful—it also happens to be the site of a mind-boggling natural phenomena. Each year, this unique lake does something extraordinary: it disappears. A gaping 6-foot-wide hole in the ground drains the large lake, turning it, for the time being, into a meadow. Check out this amazing footage, captured by The Bulletin:

For years, this recurring phenomena has baffled Oregonians near and far. No one is sure of exactly how the hole came about, but most believe that it’s a lava tube that was formed long ago during a period of volcanic activity. The lake’s pure blue water drains into the tube and enters into a network of underground rivers, most likely tributaries of the McKenzie River.

Here’s what this beautiful lake looks like during the rest of the year:

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