10 Insane Places You Can Buy In Oregon For Less Than A 1 Bedroom In NYC

Oregonians are plenty spoiled in so many areas of quality of life. Still, every now and then, we’re tempted by the thought that we may one day be whisked off by the lure of NYC. Intriguing as that may be though, there are a few things you need to consider before you take the big leap, namely real estate. The housing game is rough out there, with the cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in Manhattan averaging at about $900,000. We thought we would give you some perspective on just how expensive it is to live there and what you could get in the state of Oregon instead.

That’s a whole lot of real estate to consider. So next time you’re itching to move away to the big city, think about all the great places in Oregon you could be living in at a much better bang for your buck.