A Beautiful Lavender Farm In Oregon, Lavender Valley Is Serene And Stunning

Tucked into the foothills of Mt Hood, Lavender Valley is just as magical as its name suggests. At this gorgeous lavender farm in Oregon, you can pick your own lavender in a bucolic setting, surrounded by stunning views, picnic tables, and the soothing aroma of fresh lavender. This summer, visit Lavender Valley for an unforgettable experience.

Lavender Valley is located at 5965 Boneboro Rd, Mt Hood, Oregon. Find out more on their website.

Find out about Oregon’s incredible Boardman Tree Farm — it’s absolutely extraordinary, and you can visit any time of year.

Address: 5965 Boneboro Rd, Mt Hood, OR 97041, USA
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Lavender Farm In Oregon

April 30, 2020

Are there any other flower farms in Oregon that you can visit?

Along with this stunning lavender farm in Oregon, there are quite a few other flower farms in the state that you can visit for yourself. Surround yourself in the amazing colors and aromas of flowers at farms like Schreiner’s Iris Gardens near Salem. This iris farm has tons of varieties of irises and has a display garden open to the public during spring. In August and September, you can visit a dahlia farm in Canby, Oregon. The Swan Island Dahlias farm is just as gorgeous as it sounds, with nearly 40 acres full of colorful flowers in bloom.

Can I take a farm tour in Oregon?

There are many great farms to visit in Oregon. The Farmlandia Farm Loop is the perfect way to visit many different farms and stops all in one self-guided tour. The 15 different spots you’ll visit include flower farms, u-pick vegetable farms, farm stands, and more stops throughout the Oregon countryside. You can learn more about this tour here. What about livestock farms? There are options for those, too, including an alpaca farm that doubles as a bed and breakfast. What could sound better than that? Learn more about it by clicking here.

What are the most beautiful places to visit in Oregon during spring?

Springtime in Oregon is truly a thing of beauty. If you’re looking for a spot to overlook hundreds of wildflowers and lush, spring nature, try the Rowana Crest near Maupin. It has a stellar view of the Columbia River and during spring and summer, it can be full of flowers. The Columbia River Gorge is equally as spectacular and full of waterfalls covered in dense, green forest. Something more urban that’s worth visiting in the spring is the Portland Japanese Garden. In the spring, it is full of gorgeous plants surrounding the koi ponds and zen gardens.

Address: 5965 Boneboro Rd, Mt Hood, OR 97041, USA