Do you remember the days where you had to drive to a video rental store for your home movie night? Browsing aisle upon aisle of new releases and classic films… it really was an experience. And Blockbuster was *the* iconic video rental hub of the day; the Coca-Cola of movie rentals. While digital downloads and streaming services eventually rendered Blockbuster obsolete, the tangible experience of renting a movie is something that can’t really be replaced. Oregonians know this, as evidenced by the still-standing Blockbuster in Bend. This beloved place has become a point of pride for the town; an attraction offering a nostalgic experience people seek out. And, as of 2019, it’s the last remaining blockbuster in the entire world — a feat that deserves to be celebrated!

Oregon has so many claims to fame, but this one might just be the coolest. For more information on this Oregon treasure, including new releases and fun merchandise, visit the Bend Blockbuster website.

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